10 Reasons Why You Should Put #TomorrowWorld On Your Bucket List



10 Reasons You Should Flock To TomorrowWorld

TomorrowWorld suffered a devastating PR blow after nasty weather created nightmarish conditions during the annual EDM megafest that’s still a Top 5 festival experience (in the world) where you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life. No, seriously.

Hit the flip for all the reasons to flock to #TomorrowWorld.


Don’t rock with EDM music? Doesn’t matter, you’ll enjoy the infectious crowd energy anyway.


Some might think TomorrowWorld is some wild “white people isht” but it’s really for everyone and boasts the most diverse festival crowd you’ll ever see.


Oh, and they had a “New Atlanta” trap music set hosted by Sonny Digital & friends that was beyond LIT.


There was also the randomly awesome Shaq set that rocked the crowd. Yes, this really happened.


Hundreds come dressed as bizarrosaurs, penguins, Ninja turtles and other hilariously random creatures. It’s just so…trippy.



You can…

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