Selena Gomez Proud Of Her Curves — ‘I Love Being Happy With Me’


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Selena is shutting down critics of
her weight! We thought the singer looked fabulous in her bikini on the beach, but apparently not everyone felt the same way —
and now she’s taken to Instagram to hilariously shut down the haters.Selena Gomez , 22, seems to be having a blast on her vacation to Mexico! The “I Want You To Know” singer was photographed frolicking around in a hot pink bikini on April 16, and it
appears she’s received some criticism over her new, curvier figure. Luckily, she’s not letting it
get to her! Selena Gomez’s Body Image: She’s Proud Of Her Curves
Instead of taking offense to the fat-shamers, Selena turned things right around and took to Instagram to show just how proud she is of her body! Posing in a revealing, black bathing suit, the 22-year-old giggles while laying on a lounge
chair in the sun. “I love being happy with me yall,” she assures us in the caption, adding the hashtag #theresmoretolove with a crying-laughing emoji. It’s all good here, people! Selena Gomez, Zedd & Justin Bieber: Her Sexy Bikini Pics Are A Message To Both Guys
Surprisingly, Selena’s confidence in her fuller figure actually came from ex, Justin Bieber, 21.
“Justin is a fan of big booties and her butt is bigger than it’s ever been right now!” a source said. “When they were together, he told her she looked better the more weight she put on, sonow that she’s thicker, she has a lot of body confidence.” And she certainly proved it with that AMAZING in-your-face Instagram!
Selena Gomez Lies On Hit-Boy In Sexy Bikini Pic — Sending Zedd A Message?
But is Selena so confident that she’s evenbcozying up to a new man…with her boyfriend, Zedd, 25, hundreds of miles away ?!
The gorgeous brunette posted another Instagram in the same sexy suit, but she’s joined by hip-
hop producer Hit-Boy , and doesn’t seem shy about leaning her head on his leg for the shot. Selena is making a point to not be so
clingy when it comes to her new relationship, but could this be taking things too far in the
opposite direction?!
Was this necessary? I don’t know but keep it redlyts


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