Think you know everything about big time rush! Well here are things you don’t know



Btr exclusive

Big Time Rush was formed by Nickelodeon in 2009 for its TV series of the same name. Casting
had begun since 2007 by auditioning more than
1,500 teens and young adults across the country to play four male lead characters. Finally Kendall Francis Schmidt, James David Maslow, Carlos
Roberto Pena, Jr. and Logan Phillip Henderson
were chosen. After sealing a deal, the four of them had to
decide the name of the group and Big Time Rush was a hockey term they came up with. They
were signed to Columbia/Epic record group in 2009 and became a real band besides playing
opposite each other on the TV show. Their debut single, which is a self-titled, was released in November the same year and became the main theme song of the series. It made a
strong debut on iTunes, but they didn’t break Billboard Hot 100 until their second single
“Halfway There” which peaked at No. 93 on the chart.
Since they were require

to sing on the show besides acting, they had an idea to work on a whole collection of new songs and release them in a single CD. In October 2010, they finished the
project and made it available for purchase across United States on October 11.
Powered by such songs as “Halfway There”,
“City Is Ours” and “Til I Forget About You”,
” B.T.R. ” peaked at No. 3 on Hot 200. A tour was mapped out soon after that with 20-30 dates
expected to cover their traveling show across North America, Australia and New Zealand.
Their sophomore set ” Elevate” came the next year. Though it debuted just outside the top 10
list at No. 12, the album still managed to produce another busting single as “Windows
Down” broke Hot 100 once again climbing to No. 92. The album was also certified gold, like its
Two years after, BTR posted their highest-
charting single as they’re preparing a third
album ” 24/Seven “. Single “Like Nobody’s
Around” brought the boyband soaring close to
the top 20 at No. 28 on the U.S. single chart
and peaking at No. 15 on Heatseeker Songs.
In 2012 when there was no new album coming
out, the band got their hands full filming their
first movie feature “Big Time Movie”. It follows
them travelling to London, England for their first
big world tour but instead getting mixed up in a
mission to save the world.
Well now you know.Stay locked to redlyts


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