Justin Bieber cant keep his Hands Off Ariana Grande

Justin always does exactly what Justin wants! Justin was totally feelin’ Ariana and her sexiness on stage during their performance of “As Long As
You Love Me” — he couldn’t keep his hands off her! It was all playful and fun until Justin called Ariana over to stand in front of him so he could wrap his arms around her waist. It was clearly not in the choreography because Ariana looked completely caught off guard, not to mention super uncomfortable with the whole
situation! Justin Bieber , 21, inappropriately touched Ariana
Grande , 21, a bit too many times for Big Sean ‘s likings during their April 9 performance in LA. Some people may say, “oh, he’s just being.Justin,” but I really think he was in the wrong
this time. You should not act that way with a girl who has a boyfriend! I think it was extremely inappropriate and
disrespectful of Justin to touch her in that way in front of thousands of fans knowing she is in a long-term, loving relationship. It’s no wonder why Big Sean was so pissed afterwards! He was so upset that he took to Twitter to threatened the Biebs, but he later deleted the messages.
Justin, just a word of advice, you can work your slick moves on any girl you’d like, just don’t get handsy with girls who are in relationships!
A link to this youtube video is below:

Anyway keep it redlyts


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