Did you know?

As you sit on your bed,watch porn and start masturbating there is some one getting richer
Statistics show that Pornstars Earn More Than Doctors


As you drain your balls ,somebody is getting richer

After going to medical school, getting high quality
training and settling for a good job– maybe in
Los Angeles – an average doctor in the US earns
7,351 shillings per hour. That translates to
15,291,827 shillings per year. In Kenya, a
Pediatrician earns an average of 180,000 shillings
per month according to Salary Explorer. Simple
mathematics shows you that there’s a big
difference in the pay.
In 2011, the Washington Times reported that an
average Kenyan doctor was earning USD 400
against USD 11,000 for parliament legislators at
the time. That’s obviously meagre pay compared
to what US doctors earn in the US. FYI, the US
has a budget of 30 billion USD (over 2 trillion
shillings) for child welfare services as part of the
national expenditure.
However, you’ll be startled enough when you
realize that female pornstars earn between USD
500 to USD 1500 per scene. This may depend on
the complexity of the scene and/or the popularity
of the actor. They are the winners of the day.
That’s 137,840 shillings for the top earner for a
scene. Kenyan porn actors, earn up to
50,000 shillings per scene. This makes pornstars
one of the top earning entertainers in the world,
Check through the gallery in this link to see the top richest female pornstars of 2013:

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